Black Gold

So yesterday and today I fired up my old tractor. Thanks to Tractor Man, who heroically worked this spring in the cold and coaxed some life back into the beast, it fired up first try. My goal was to move some black gold from the pile in the IMG_2319back corral out to the garden. I can’t remember when I fertilized the garden last; was it last spring or the fall previous? This pile of sheep manure has been “cooking” the better part of 25 years and is just perfect for putting in the garden. A sheeps’ digestive tract breaks everything down, and the heat generated from the pile kills all the weed seeds and nasty diseases that may come from the bedding. A perfect blend of organic yumminess for the garden…In any event, I moved about a dozen tractor buckets full and have another eight or ten to go…nothing makes IMG_2327me happier than when things go according to plan. I hope to get my daughter and Louis, the wonder pony, to drag the harrows over the piles and spread them out before I till. It has been so cold this spring, I’m not sure anything can be planted till the soil warms up. There were snow flakes mixed in with a shower a day ago–no leaves on the trees yet, or even swelling buds. It just looks desolate. The birds are all back though, geese and more ducks than I can remember seeing for years. But now, off to do chores.

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