Staying and leaving

My daughter helped me set up this blog–it is meant to be a way of communicating with folks back home when I leave in the fall on my pilgrimage.  A sort of story telling to entertain my mom, and let my kids know I’m alright, not that they will be too worried.  In some ways it is easier to be the ones left behind–nothing changes, days flow together and life goes on as usual.  The one leaving, in this case, me, has all the angst of wondering if anything is happening back home, have I done everything I could to make sure all will go smooth in my absence?  Not that everything goes smoothly when I’m home.  It is letting go, releasing control into the more than capable hands of my daughter, and just relaxing to enjoy my journey.  I have a few months the prepare and then I have to let go because I cannot complete my journey if I am not “in the moment”.  This pilgrimage, whose purpose I still do not know, has been calling to me for several years now.  I suppose the purpose will become clear to me at some point on the path–or maybe after I get home.  But for now I have to develop some discipline in completing a blog entry every day, even if I think there is nothing to write about.  So today there will be no photos, only a jumble of thoughts.  I have not done any writing for years and so have to develop some sort of “style” , a voice.  I hope it will become easier.  Ultreia !

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