Noise in the city

I have been walking the last month in preparation for my camino. Mostly on my grid road which is about a mile and a half to the top of the hill and the same back. The first few rounds I dragged my self home hurting everywhere it was possible to hurt. My knees, my hips, my poor bunion. But I have also been walking with George the last couple weeks in town after my bus run on the track. I could only do 5 laps which quickly progressed to ten and this week to twelve. About two and a half miles. But there have been track meets yesterday and today so my walks have been curtailed as I don’t want to compete with the kids for a lane. Today I parked on the north end and walked on the walking path. The ring road is adjacent and the noise from the traffic was unbelievable. When I walk at home there is maybe one or two cars on the grid but this was non stop semi and truck traffic. Just awful. I usually listen to CBC radio but it was drowned out by the traffic. On the grid I can hear the birds and frogs even over the radio. You couldn’t pay me to move back to town. It’s not till you have something to compare to that you know what you’ve got!!

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