River walk

IMG_2451It’s the season for track meets so I’ve moved from the track to the river road. I drove it last week to get a measurement of the distance. One mile from bottom to top. I’ve been parking at the bottom and walking up hill first then turning and coming back down. Beautiful walk. Bird song. Great views. But the few cars that drive there seem to be channelling Mario Andretti. The road is abit curvey and uphill so they put their foot down and charge up the hill. Not pleasant but it is infrequent so I can take it.
IMG_2452My pedometer says the round trip is 2.5 miles. I trust the odometer in the bus more but it’s a good walk. Next week I will park on the other side, half way up the hill at the lookout. That should be a good three miles or more and some steeper climbs than the track.
Today I’m also testing my phone app for this blog and will try to post some pictures I took yesterday. If I can get the results I want with IMG_2460my phone I may not have to take my tablet and can save that weight.
I bought my return ticket yesterday and my train ticket to Bayonne. I get so stressed buying things on line but it seems to be working fine. By the end of this trip maybe I’ll get used to it. Trust. Small word. Big concept.

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