Simple Pleasures

IMG_2540I’ve been thinking about this post for a few days now, just catching myself smiling for no reason at some of the little things in my day…like the other morning.  It was raining as I left the yard on my bus run, a gentle straight down kind of rain, and it was warm, and misty.  I snapped a picture thru the wipers on the bus and caught the most beautiful morning image.  I love my bus run.  I have a half hour to my first pick up, down my grid road, several highway miles and another grid.  Lots of sloughs, and birds, and deer, coyotes and cheeky foxes.  IMG_2538Early in the morning they are just going about their day, rain or shine.  I have my coffee with me which is another thing that makes me smile.  I use a six cup Bialetti coffee maker (six espresso cups) which perfectly fills my travel mug (with enough room for a healthy sploosh of cream).  It is bliss to drive along the grid and watch the wildlife, the colors of the trees and water, the early morning light tinting everything with a peachy glow.  Rose tinted glasses courtesy of mother nature.  Sipping my coffee.  Thinking of everything and nothing, mostly just the beauty of the day.  On the weekend, I fill one of my favorite coffee cups and just enjoy the morning. IMG_2549 This cup is a favorite because of the happy colors and the size and heft–Everyday is such a blessing!  And the other day, when my daughter sideswiped my car in her mad rush to get to work, her panicked message to me took me IMG_2543back to some of the things I did in my youth.  I wasn’t upset about the car…it’s just a thing…I wish I’d had someone to tell me back then not to sweat the small stuff.  I still get the crawlies thinking about some of the things I did, and yet no one died, it was no big deal, and the only one who remembers is me!