Me time

Not exactly a tortilla and zumo de naranja fresco. But a pretty decent breakfast. I was late today on the bus–not to start but late enough that my transfer kids missed their bus. So I kept them on and dropped them off last. Since that put me close to A&W I stopped for breakie and a few minutes of down time to write a blog entry. I’m not sure why I was so late but the roads are still bad and I guess I’m travelling slow because of that. Trying to find enough time to do a blog entry isn’t the problem–it’s that I seem to fill all available minutes with other stuff. And of course, as I’ve said before, there’s no grand adventures to relate. But there’s lots of little things…like helping my daughter ground drive her new pony on the weekend. We had a beautiful sunny morning and hitched Zeta up to my chore toboggan. We threw a straw bale in for an impromptu seat and I climbed on for weight. It was so much fun and we laughed like fiends when I slipped off the back of the bale and lay there like a turtle, unable to flip over in the deep snow. And last night during a movie we were watching we heard muffled mewing from one of the foster kittens. Try as we might to locate the source we couldn’t find the lost kitten. Not in the pantry, not under the sink or behind the dishwasher. Not behind the washer or dryer and not in the furnace or under the water heater. Finally, not quite willing to believe the sound was actually coming from inside the fridge, we opened the door to find said kitten perched on the lowest shelf under the crisper. What?!?! He must have climbed in when I put the sour cream away from supper. Silly kitty!!! Again we laughed recalling the scene from Jumanji where a monkey gets trapped in the fridge. No worse for wear, not even chilled, he climbed out and carried on with all sorts of other mischief. So now I have to do a head count each time I leave the house to make sure everyone is accounted for. A few minutes in the fridge is ok. But several hours may be tragic.

It’s a beautiful bright day today, cold and crisp. There’s something about a bright day that make me feel like I can do anything. So I better get at it đŸ˜ƒ

New normal

I’ve been back in Canada now about 10 days. I thought I would take last week off from my blog but you know, I missed it. It was a ritual I’d come to really enjoy. Arriving at my destination, sorting out a bed, laundry, shower and then finding a quiet spot to sit with a Clara and a nibble and just review the day’s events. It was a present to myself, a little me time just chillaxing, reflecting, appreciating the day. I have to find a way to do the same now that I’m home. Of course I’m not having the grand adventures I had in Spain but to sit and absorb the day, to be grateful and appreciative of whatever had happened each day, is a meditation of sorts. A de-stressor.

I began driving bus again Monday. A horrible day with 6 inches of wet heavy snow, and fog up the hill, in a new to me bus (a big one with an engine hiccup) and a new route. If ever I needed to de-stress. But somehow the day got away on me as did Tuesday and today we again had a heavy snow fall. But the sky cleared around 8am and I saw the sun rise. Who has a job where they get paid to watch the sun rise. I only wished I could have taken a picture. But I had kids on and a bad road so I could only LOOK and LOVE the living sky of home.

I will make time now (at least try) to reflect on the day’s events and choose something to write about. Life passes so quickly and a conscious reflection makes me appreciate everything more. As my friend Elad from Israel says, “May all things be Happy”.