Baking Day

I’ve never made hot cross buns before, but the other day a recipe for Mrs. Rabbits’ Hot Cross Buns popped up on one of my facebook pages.  They looked delish!!  So today, alone in the house and a bit of a miserable day out there I decided I would make some.  I doubled the spice (there’s never enough spice for me) and my hand slipped when I added the fruit–I mean whats a hot cross bun without fruit??  But my flour was dry so the dough was a bit dense but it rose beautifully.IMG_6170IMG_6173Making the white crosses to go on these was tedious to say the least and added nothing to the taste–so I was lazy and only did a few–they were pretty though…. IMG_6174

I ate three before I remembered to take a picture–warm and spicy with a touch of sweetness from the sugar syrup glaze–I would make these again!!!  and again !!

IMG_6177Then I remembered I had a half a pot of mashed potatoes.  I usually make potato pancakes out of left over potatoes but today was a bread day so I found a recipe for potato bread.  The dough was soft and rose very high very fast.  I didn’t want two loaves.  I’m making lentil soup for tomorrow and wanted some buns so I made one large loaf, one small loaf and some buns.  All different sizes and shapes to see which was best.  They look quite yummy but tasting will have to wait–I’m full of hot cross buns.IMG_6181 IMG_6182 IMG_6188So, now to make my lentil soup.

Cotton Candy Clouds

spring owlHooo boy–I’m not so much a snail as a slug–my get up and go has got up and gone…March did come in like a lamb and has gone out in fits and starts, snow, rain, more snow. We are whiter now than earlier in the month.  IMG_6118 IMG_6136 IMG_6144

These are the views from my bus the last couple mornings.  And even these beautiful mornings aren’t reving my engine!!!  I feel so blah–I think I need a spring tonic.  The old timers swore by a spring tonic–dandelion greens and rhubarb featured very prominently in these tonics, the more bitter and pungent the better to revive flagging winter souls.  Spring is the time for renewal too.  Momma rabbits’ visit to Romeo earlier last month has paid off in spades.  More rabbits!!IMG_6124 IMG_6161Momma Rabbit is making sure I’m not doing any harm to the babies, which now look like real rabbits and not pink little worms in their furry nest.  PigPig and the chickens are totally disgusted with this weather–they had been out foraging and scratching before we got buried again.  The chickens are hoping Pig leaves them a little porridge, but no, everything is siphoned up.IMG_6152Well, dandelions are coming–maybe that will help.  For now, a bowl of rice, spring onions and Kejap Manis…sounds like supper!!

Spring has sprung!!

Holy moly batman it’s almost a month since my last post. And what a change!! IMG_6093

The sun is rising earlier and earlier…the snow is melting…the water running and the buds are swelling on the trees.image

I think I’m slowly shaking off that winter lethargy that keeps me in front of the tv. Today I stayed home and tidied the yard. I picked up all the dog bones, all the milk jugs and bits of cardboard that are showing their ugly faces now the snow is melting. Then I got the loppers and trimmed trees. The mayday tree will have to go, it’s got black knot. I trimmed off the bottom branches of all the pine trees and fed them to the goats. Something attacked momma goat last night and chewed her ears up.imageIMG_6102

I’m thinking it was the pig, the bites are pig mouth sized. I heard a terrible ruckas around 1:00ish, my insomnia has me in its grip again. I should have gone out to check. It may have been a coyote too. The big dog was going crazy. Today she chased off a raven from the back. I was collecting bones and all of a sudden she charged at something. At first I thought it was a guinea hen but whatever it was took off and flew across the valley. I counted the guineas and they were all there so it must have been a nasty raven. Good dog. Hopefully a little activity and lots of fresh air will let me sleep tonight.