Million dollar pickles

Yesterday was a rainy day and my daughter and I headed into Saskatoon for the day. First stop was Vet-a-vision.  

 Not quite the display there was in previous years but interesting non-the-less. Lunch was at the fabulous Park Diner on 20th street.  



 Conveniently close to the Roxy where we saw Mr Holmes. A movie about growing old, regrets and redemption.  



 Off to the bookstore and a few more stops before driving home in the rain. And then just so I had something to show for the day I decided to prepare the veggies for million dollar pickles. This is one of the pickle recipes my mother used to make. Perfect recipe for those too big for anything else cukes. These are my last of the season pickles usually cause I don’t get to them soon enough. They are also perfect made with younger more tender cukes. Last night I peeled, seeded and sliced a big bowlful of oversize cukes.  

 Then I sliced up sweet red peppers that add color and an equal amount of green peppers.  



 Added sliced onions, salted well, covered with ice and left to sit over night. This morning I washed jars and made the pickle syrup while the pickles drained. Sugar, cider vinegar, turmeric, mustard and dill seed, the pickles simmered in the syrup for 20 minutes then I bottled them.  


 Only five and a half pints but my sisters’ favorite.  Hope she likes them. 


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