Bacon causes cancer?!?

This was the headline on the news this morning. It’s in the same category as asbestos and tobacco. In fact all processed meats fall into this category. I’m not a big fan of processed meats–the nitrites, the preservatives, give the meat a funny taste which I don’t like. But I do love bacon. What I don’t like is cooking it.  

 It bites me every time and that limits the number of times I cook/eat it. Maybe once a month. More often when we go camping.  My daughter loves it too. So I left her a note on the white board this morning. And when I got home I saw she had left me a reply.  


Anyway I got up and out on my run only to find out at my first pickup that there was no school today. It was so nice just to turn around and go home. It was a misty foggy morning and the view across the valley was very pretty.  

 I made up a batch of bread dough fully intending to make a couple of trays of beet-niks. That is, small fingers of bread dough with a beet leaf wrapped around it baked until golden then a creamy dill sauce is poured over the top and the tray put back in the oven till everything is all hot and bubbly. I could eat a whole tray full at a time. But by the time I got all my running around done today I was feeling sort of lazy and just made a couple loaves of bread.  





 I have beets in the garden and had planned to use the last of the beet leafs up but they will keep. Not much longer but maybe I’ll get to them this weekend. It’s supposed to rain and snow tonight but clear again. What a lovely fall. 

4 thoughts on “Bacon causes cancer?!?

    • Hi Pam. I honestly don’t know. I suspect Ukrainian. My mother never made these. I don’t even know where I first had them. At a farmers market booth in one of our little towns, I think. But I fell in love immediately and went home to recreate them. Everyone makes them differently but they are scrummy. And not a bit fattening 😜😜 How’s the foot?

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