The rooster project 

This year and the last couple of years I’ve had my silkies hatch out select eggs for replacement chickens. Not all hens will go broody but the little silkies are masters at it.  Some of the Orpingtons will go broody and the Red Rock cross but as I continue to “grow my own” that particular trait will come back. We hatched the most this year as my laying hens are all getting long in the tooth and I like eggs. I also like chickens. I love watching them–their personalities make me smile. I love the color variations in the feathers and the style of their combs and their bright chicken eyes that don’t miss a thing. I hatched a few more chicks this year to have some for the freezer. I planned to keep all the girls and the boys would be butchered–such is the lot of male animals on the farm. But oh my goodness, the beautiful roosters.

 The girls are all plain janes and the boys got the colours and the funky hair-dos, and the exotic combs and feathered feet.

 They are all different and beautiful and I spent a good part of the afternoon Saturday watching the boys. My daughter and I had separated them out and put them in the barn where I could fatten them up. Such a colourful group.

  They are not really meat birds and are slow to mature. This suits me just fine as I don’t like to butcher when the wasps are out. They are drawn to the blood and I get stung more often than I like.  But this fall the Roos won’t be ready till later in November. It’s a hot job anyway, and if it’s really cold I’ll work in the barn. But for now I’ll just enjoy looking at my pretty boys.

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