How many are in there? or… Don’t count your goats before they hatch…

Cast your mind waaayyy back to last fall when Romeo 2 came to visit the girls.  He didn’t stay long, being very efficient.  Now the girls are quite plump and very uncomfortable.  I can totally relate.  Momma goat has had six kids two years ago and five babies  last year.   I was really hoping not to breed her this year.  She was exhibiting all the symptoms of a false pregnancy and I thought yea!!!  she could have a break this year, but she is swelling up like a balloon.  She will be the last one to pop, maybe the middle of May.  The other three are due the last week of April.

This is Momma goat:

You see the bulges…I’m guessing at least four, maybe five.  She still has almost a full month to go–goat gestation is about five months.

This is Sissy goat:

She is one of the six kids from two years ago.  Her first kidding last year she had twins.  Goats will frequently twin their first year, being much more productive than sheep, who will often only have a single their first year.  I think she will have triplets this year.  Of all the girls, she is the largest belly wise, and the most uncomfortable–she does goat yoga, often on her front knees stretching out her belly, then rising up and doing a little tap dance with her back feet.  Still, she has a good appetite, and sleeps on top of the manure pile, having dug a hollow for her belly.  She has been off by herself the last couple of mornings, so it may not be long now.  The babies still haven’t dropped, but her bag is quite full.  Maybe a week.

This is Sissy Goat’s baby from last year.  She is pretty big too and I think she will have twins.

This is Momma goats’ baby from last year.  She is the smallest.  I think she will have a single.

We still haven’t named her.  She and Sissy goats’ baby usually get called Thing 1 and Thing 2 when we call them anything–that or a string of horrible curse words as they are up to no good most of the time.  We really should name them.  Suggestions?

Hopefully the weather will hold, and all births will be successful.  There will doubtless be a few bottle babies.  There’s nothing cuter than a baby goat!!