Enough lollygagging

So I have just checked the calendar. I’ve been home for a month!!!  I had thought it was only three weeks. Funny how time flies!!  I’ll do a brief (or maybe not so brief) update and then try to carry  on with regular posts. I like to be able to look back and see that, yes, I did accomplish a few things and haven’t completely wasted my life looking at Facebook!!

My garden faired pretty well. There were some weeds, mostly large ones. I pulled and dug four wheelbarrows full and took them to the chickens and goats. I don’t have any after pictures, only the weedy ones, but it did look much better. 

Sissy and I planted a small garden at my mom’s house. Just a few things, short rows of beets, peas, beans, carrots, peas, spuds. Corn!!  It was delish!! I wanted to make a pot of borscht to freeze. I pulled out several quarts of chicken stock from the freezer and made up a big potful. I had lots of volunteer dill in my own garden so picked a big handful. You need lots of dill in borscht. Look how gorgeous those beets greens are!!!  And my mothers secret ingredient!!For whatever reason, the beets, which started out the most beautiful ruby red,  turned a muddy brown. I did google it and found that high heat kills the color. I know I did not boil the soup, only simmered it, but it lost it’s color. The flavour was there but I just couldn’t get past the color.  In all my years of borscht making this is the second time this has happened!!  A labour intensive pot of chicken food!!!  So disappointing!!

Next up was a road trip to Alberta with my daughter to pick up a buggy. It was in the north central part of Alberta, around Red Water. Settled mostly by Ukrainian immigrants there is a real old country feel. A giant sausage!!What really surprised and shocked me was all the industry in what I thought was a rural agricultural spot. It is the trail head to the pipeline that will run to the west coast as well as a refinery/processing plant for the heavy crude that comes from Fort Mac. As well there is a huge fertilizer plant. I took an aerial shot off google. From the road all you could see were white mountains of something. A really terrible eyesore. But I suppose there are lots of jobs but quite shocking to see these almost alien tanks and pipes stretching for miles!!We passed a small group of tiny houses. I had to take some pictures!! I stopped and talked to a guy doing yard maintenance. He said the plan was to have some thirty/forty homes eventually–right now there are seven. For seniors or young couples just starting out. They looked very nice!! A little too close together I thought but the idea is to have a small foot print. In Red Water this was the sign outside the liquor store!!  Hilarious!! (Note:the “I” is on its side)We then made a stop at an antique shop. Not a shop really, a farm yard filled with treasures. I bought a garden weeder. I’ve always wanted one. Unfortunately I have no pictures. I’ll publish one later!!

The next day we walked on the sandbars down at the river. It’s been very dry here and the water is very low. My sisters grandkids really enjoyed it, digging clams (catch and release). My little dog was happy to see me!!!  She wasted no time worming her way back into my bed!! What a gross little dog!!  But I love her ❤️❤️

My parcels all arrived from Europe, on the same day!! All the things I couldn’t fit into my suitcase.  It was like Christmas 😊And now I’m kinda sorta caught up. 😊