“I said, Julie don’t go…”

All of us of a certain age remember being glued to the television when the Wayne and Shuster comedy specials were on. Classic Canadian comedy–they don’t make them like that anymore. Long before Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar or the Roman history course in school, I knew what the Ides of March meant because of this skit on Wayne and Shuster.


Watch it and I dare you not to laugh.

Today the Ides of March lived up to their reputation. I was heading out in the bus for my first pick up, strayed just a touch too close to the edge of the road, and got sucked in!!One of the teachers living nearby stopped to help and wound up backing off the edge on the other side!!Then the grandma of my student came to help with her big truck, and promptly backed into the ditch too. Another neighbor came and pulled her out. Then in tandem, both big trucks pulled out the bus!!I wasn’t even late for school as most of the parents drove the kids in.

March is a peculiar month. “Comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb” or the reverse. The jury is still out on this one. It was very cold the first couple days of March. I mean really cold. Lows of -30, -32 on the first couple days. But daylight hours are longer and the sun is warm. It wasn’t too bad. I’m going with “in like a lion”.

There’s not much to do when it’s cold but cook and eat. I picked up some pork hocks on sale and made a big pot of headcheese. My mother always called it head cheese even though we never used the head. I suppose brawn is a more accurate description. This was a standard summer meal, served cubed with vinegar and raw onion, and a side of rye bread. Not really winter food but in an effort to channel spring, I made it anyway. Besides, I can never pass up meaty pork hocks, especially on sale. Another stick to your ribs winter meal is Hungarian goulash with spaetzle. I love spaetzle, little eggy dumplings that are first boiled then fried in browned butter till crispy. Perfect winter food.

So the Ides have now done their worst and spring will officially be here next week. Here’s hoping March goes out like a lamb!!