We started our holiday from Edmonton as always, getting to the airport in plenty of time. I chose poorly for our seats though, choosing the row before the emergency exit. It doesn’t recline!! Not even a bit. So Aidan got the window and I took the center seat. She slept. Me, not so much. The flight into Keflavík was early and we headed over to the rental car place. What a disaster!! Not only did they require a hefty deposit, buried in the fine print, but the tank was half empty, AND an hour into our journey we discovered the car was filled with mold!!We turned around and headed back. We got upgraded to a diesel, but had a really good look inside before leaving. Again, car filled with mold!! Then he pulled out all the stops and upgraded us again to a large Suzuki AUTOMATIC!! He asked, so cute, Barbara, could you drive an automatic?? Does a bear poop in the woods?!? Again another thorough inspection and we couldn’t find anything wrong. It was a very comfortable vehicle with much more clearance, more comfortable seats, better windshield. And bonus, today we discovered that by plugging in my phone the car would display my map feature so no more using the tiny phone screen for directions–we could use the bigger built it screen on the dash. For anyone who drives a modern vehicle this is probably a normal feature but all my vehicles are 15+ years old so not much more advanced than a Flintstone car.

Anyway we got back on the road. We were both so tired. We decided to skip our city activities and just head towards our first B&B via the Secret Lagoon hot springs. When the Blue Lagoon was being renovated a few years back this became the go to hot springs. The building was renovated to handle the hordes and now that the Blue Lagoon is back in business, they have improved facilities with fewer people. It was lovely!! Just a handful of people, a overcast day with showers and a few light hail storms that passed over and natural hot water. The Blue Lagoon is actually run off from a steam plant so not that nice really. A cool shot of vintage bathers…After a long soak we hit the road again. It was a very long 90 minute drive. We stopped in Vik on the south coast for supper, a really tasty pizza. Look how tired my girl is 🙁Once at the B&B our host told us the puffins were back. It was too early to go to bed so we headed out to puffin mountain 15 minutes away and drove to the top. And we saw them!! Not up close but we saw them flying back from ocean feeding. It was sooo windy up on top of the mountain. Quite cold but invigorating. We walked around but saw no nesting puffins, just the flying ones. But we were close enough we could see their little orange beaks. What a view from the top–the ocean was very angry!!Back to the B&B where we read till we fell asleep. About two and a half minutes. We’ll get our groove on yet!!

3 thoughts on “Iceland

    • Hey Pam. Long time no hear😊. We’re just doing Iceland this trip—we have a week and are driving around the island. This summer I’m driving east with my camper to see the maritimes. Haven’t been since university.

  1. A tiring start but your blog is making me want to go back and see more of Iceland. I went in October five years ago. Love that you got to try out some different hot springs ( we enjoyed the blue lagoon but very busy, though also very blue) and never saw any puffins. X

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