Our first B&B was really just a B.

A bed. No breakfast. But neither of us are really morning eaters so we just had skyr (Icelandic yogurt) and orange juice we had purchased the day before. We watched from our room as car after car drove past, heading for the beach. We weren’t really sure what was down there but we were game go find out. Well it was just the most beautiful black sand beach and black basalt columns. We snapped a shot of our guest house on our way by–not much to look at from the outside but quite pleasant on the inside. From here we stopped in Vik for gas, an excellent coffee at the Lava coffee shop and a tour thru the wool/tourist shop. I think Vik is a rest stop for your buses so there is, quite naturally a large woollen goods/tourist shop with absolutely beautiful things.

My daughter found a pony hide that wanted to come home with her.

The drive along the south coast was so very different from the two previous times we drove it. We thought we might be on the wrong road!! Even though there is really only the one major road. I mean, how much could things change in just a few years. There were towns and round-abouts and waterfalls we had never seen before. Like this one!!The moss covered stones were still the same but there were so many picnics spots and points of interest. Halfway to Jokulsarlon there is a new visitor center–at least I’d never seen it before. But I’d read about it before we came. There was a nice walk out back of it to the foot of the glacier. The sun was out and it was just a beautiful day. It was just a short walk, about 3k, but there were tons of birds and some spring flowers just popping up. There were pussy willows too. We came up to the glacier lagoon filled with ice chunks–there were warning signs but people paid absolutely no attention, running on the glacier, taking selfies. Just an accident waiting to happen. But it was sure beautiful.

It doesn’t look like the sun is shining but it was. After our walk out we were starving. We stopped at a picnic spot and had ham and cheese sandwiches. But by then the wind was coming up and it clouded over again. We stopped briefly at the Jökulsárlón glacier bay, but the tide was rushing back into the bay and there was no where to walk on the shore. The iceberg calves there were bright blue and we saw a few seals. The parking lot was jam packed. I’ve never seen it like that, with markers out for parking and so many people. It was cold and windy so we carried on to our next guest house. What a beautiful spot it was. We got a cabin with two bedrooms which made my daughter happy. Apparently my snoring is ruining her life. But after a full day outside we had been hoping for just some mindless tv before bed but there was no tv. But there was a deck of cards so we bonded over rummy. It was quite fun, not that my daughter would ever admit it. And so ended day two!!

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