Hello winter my old friend

I woke up this morning to a snowy blowy frosty day. The first one up in the house, I thought I’d just sit in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and write up a blog entry. The hostess had shown me how to use the coffee maker. Just an aside here–I do not understand the attachment people have to automatic coffee makers. Yes a drip machine, ok fine. It just drips hot water over coffee grounds. Perfectly acceptable. But this machine ground the beans, then poured them into a receptacle, then heated and pumped the water, then by some sort of pressure forced the hot water thru the beans. The noise!! I thought everyone would coming running out to beat me for waking them!! I use a bialetti express at home–quiet, quick, makes a great cup of coffee. But I digress. The winter weather meant a trip east to Seydisfjordur might be off the table. The plows were out but even this short half hour drive might be a white knuckle event over the mountain pass. I just wasn’t up to attempting it. So we headed into town, did some sightseeing and stopped in at the local museum. They had a two room display, one on an old turf house with the assorted implements and accoutrements of life out in the country, and a caribou discovery center. Both were interesting. We got to take a selfie with a caribou!!We stopped in at the grocer and picked up some baked goods for a quick road lunch and decided to head out. Roads were wet but good till we hit the top of the mountain. Then it became unpleasant quite quickly. But thankfully it didn’t last long, just a half hour of driving in freezing slush several inches deep. Not fun. This was the nicest single lane bridge we crossed, and most of them are single lane. And then we were on the other side of the mountains. There was an odd coloured mountain off in the distance, then we noticed it smoking as we approached. We turned off to find it was the Fires of Morrrdorrrr (rrrroll your rrr’s). Really cool and a bit disconcerting to find out how close we are to holes in the earths’ crust. We were in a very active (volcanically speaking) part of the country.

Our guesthouse wasn’t ready for us so we went exploring the area. I had marked out a few spots to investigate once we were here. Dimmuborgir was a place with cool volcanic columns I wanted to see. We spent over an hour wandering along the paths thru these weird formations. It’s really hard to make out the detail. This volcanic rock just sucks up the light and the pictures really don’t look like much but it was so very interesting. We had to go for a hot chocolate afterwards. Then we drove a little farther down the lake to a forested park that had some nice paths to walk but the gates were already closed. That didn’t stop one couple from jumping the gates but we thought better of it.

Father back towards town was an extinct volcanic crater. We’d passed vehicles leaving so we thought we’d go have a look. Once in the parking lot I knew my knee wouldn’t make it. I encouraged my daughter to make the climb. The sign said a twenty five minutes climb to the top. The crater itself was larger than a football field and you could walk around the rim if so inclined. Aidan made it up and back down again in half an hour (or less). She’s a machine!!

By now it was time to check in and we then headed out to the Myvatn Nature Baths, (sorry no pics). The so called Blue Lagoon of the North. We were not immediately impressed as the water temperature left a lot to be desired. Colder than body temperature –my ears were beginning to get frostbite when we found where the hot water entered the pools. We lounged like lizards, soaking up the heat for almost two hours. It was great!! Not much for restaurants in this small town so we stopped for a hot, made to order pizza and scarfed it down in our room. Just what the doctor ordered. I lay down to sleep and opened my eyes a minute later–it was morning!! What a great sleep!! My daughter, who I’m sure loves me lots, only said, well you didn’t rattle the walls. Thanks, dear.

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